(+) Possibly the Best (?) Document Scanner for Home and Office Use

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I have gone paperless!

Actually, I have been on a mission to be paperless for several years. However, a new scanner allows me to do more than before with less hassle and at higher speeds than ever before.

I decided to go paperless several years ago. Since then, every piece of paper that enters my house, whether I carry it in or it is delivered by the postal carrier, gets examined promptly. With anything that requires action, such as paying bills or scheduling a trip to the grocery store, I force myself to handle it as soon as possible, usually within minutes after opening the envelope. Any paper that needs to be saved for any reason gets scanned and saved in my secure cloud file storage services, and the paper is then immediately shredded and sent to recycling. Finally, any piece of paper that doesn’t require action and isn’t worth saving, such as advertising “junk mail,” goes to the shredder within minutes after its arrival without being digitized.

Life without paper is great!

A few days ago, an Amazon driver delivered my new scanner. I must say that I am pleased with it. If it isn’t the absolute best document scanner for home and office use, it certainly must qualify as one of the best. Indeed, it is undoubtedly the best document scanner that I have ever used. Admittedly, I have only used a dozen or so document scanners at home and at work in the past few years, but this scanner outshines all the others. It cost more than I had planned to spend; but now that I have used it for a while, I am very happy with the purchase.

Best of all, I don’t even need a computer to scan and the new scanner will save all sorts of documents!

Scan to Cloud

Even prior to the purchase of the new scanner, rather than purchasing more filing cabinets to store my various pieces of paper, receipts, and other documents that need to be saved, I have digitized every newly-received piece of paper and stored all these documents in the cloud or in a tiny flash drive.

NOTE: I will admit that I do have a backlog of old documents from years ago that I have not yet finished digitizing but my new scanner’s high speed should help with that.

My computers then automatically make multiple backup copies of everything and store the copies in several different locations, both at home and in the cloud. I really like the assurance that I can quickly and easily search for any document and retrieve it, wherever I am, from any smartphone or tablet or laptop computer. And I do mean ANY smartphone or computer — Windows, Macintosh, Chromebook, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, whether it’s my own device or something borrowed from a friend or a computer at a public library. All have easy access to my thousands of documents that have been digitized over the years. All I need is some sort of computing device, an internet connection, and my user name and passwords.

My new scanner has multiple options, including the ability to DIRECTLY store the digitized documents in the cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and several other cloud-based file storage services. It will also store the digitized documents into a flashdrive. I don’t even need a computer!

That’s right, this scanner doesn’t even need to be attached to a computer!

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