The Best Free Family Tree Templates for Microsoft Word and Excel

Want to create your own printed Family Tree reports? Do you have Microsoft Word and Excel or any word processor or spreadsheet program that can handle Word and Excel documents? If so, you will be interested in “41+ Free Family Tree Templates (Word, Excel, PDF)” on the Template Lab website.

The site includes blank, fill-in-the form templates that you can use to make some gorgeous looking reports. Best of all, they are available free of charge.

You can find the 41 free family tree templates at


Using Office 2010 I could not get these forms to open, Word & Excel crashed. I’m using Office 2010 so that may be the problem


    I use Office 2010 and I had no problem—you must unzip the file and then use the Word file unless you have PS–PhotoShop


Patricia McClure July 3, 2020 at 6:57 pm

I couldn’t find the family tree displayed at the top of this article. Is it possible to download the one with that detail? Thank you.


I tried to open his four times. First it took too long to open. then Google said it was not a secure site and would not let me continue.


Same comment as Patricia above. The one template that looks really useful and which is used to illustrate the article doesn’t seem to be available.


There were so many ads saying Download, Open, or Start that I didn’t know which to click on to get the templates. I downloaded #19 and it opened okay, but would have liked to find the link to download all of them.


Does anyone know of an Excel-based form that imports GEDCOM data?


Give the above link time to completely open. If you are looking for the 2nd example above it is #37.

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I clicked on 5 generation blank family tree template. I tried to enter my family information on the template. Do I save this first to my own computer then I will be able to enter the information?


Thank you Bernard and all who followed up on the 6 gen Excel Sheet. I was able to open it in my Open Office Calc with no problem. The Copyright is for personal use only.


Sorry all I could find a Genealogy Program not free forms. I already have a program. What am I doing wrong?
Carol, FL


    I just clicked on the link shown in the article and it immediately to me to the correct site with downloadable, free family tree templates. I did not see any genealogy program(s). All I can suggest is to try again.


I like the generation form (first chart displayed) but I also want to put in names of their children beyond the one I’m linked with. I want to use it as a structure for a quilt and put a small picture next to each name too. Does anyone know where I can get one of those?


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