Canada Has Completely Changed The Rules On Who Can Automatically Become A Citizen

Some people are born citizens, some become citizens, and some have citizenship thrust upon them. For that last group, a Canadian citizenship change is making new rules about who can automatically gain legal Canadian citizenship status. Now, the interpretation of who a parent is has shifted completely and it’s a game changer for same-sex couples and more.

On July 9, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced a change in the Citizenship Act. Under the act, the interpretation of who is a parent is different than it used to be.

This change probably will not affect many people. However, for the few that it applies to, this is a major change. You can read more in an article by Lisa Belmonte in the NARCITY web site at:

One Comment

That sounds somewhat similar to the Citizenship Act of 2000 in the U.S.


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