How to Organize 30 Years of Family Videos in an AI Archive

Do you have boxes and boxes of old family movie films or videotapes? If so, how do you organize them? Do you or your relatives want to watch hundreds of hours of old videos?

An article by Dale Markowitz, an Applied AI Engineer, recently published in the Google Blog, offers suggestions.

NOTE: “AI” is an abbreviation for “Artificial Intelligence.” Don’t let that scare you. The techniques described in the article are rather simple for anyone to use, regardless of the “artificial” buzzword.

Dale Markowitz writes, “But with more than 456 hours of footage, watching it all would have been a herculean effort. You can only watch old family friends open Christmas gifts so many times. So, as an Applied AI Engineer, I got down to business and built an AI-powered searchable archive of our family videos.”

The article ends with, “In the end, machine learning helped me build exactly the kind of archive I wanted—one that let me search my family videos by memories, not timestamps.” However, this one article then goes on to provide links to other web sites that give step-by-step instructions for how she accomplished all this.

You can learn more by starting at Dale Markowitz’s first article at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Jesper Beenfeldt Nielsen in Denmark for telling me about this interesting series of articles.

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