Here’s Why You Should Use Google Duo for Your Video Calls Instead of Zoom


Easier to use

More features

Much more secure (all communications use end-to-end encryption)

Higher quality connections

Free even for commercial use


Google Duo only supports calls with up to 12 participants (although that is enough for most uses other than online classes or seminars)

You can read more in an article by Taylor Kerns in the Android Police website at:

Google Duo for Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Linux, and other operating systems may be launched at: Even better, specialized apps for Google Duo use on Android devices or on iPhones/iPads/iPod touch devices may be found in the respective app stores for those systems.



Google Duo was recently used by a host instead of the expected zoom–not intuitive: apparently no gallery view, no speaker view, no shared screen, no mute audio, temporary (space bar) audio, virtual screen, temporary screen, or chat screen. Original emailed invitation link didn’t work.


    Thanks Rod. I had the same experince – multiple problems with just about everything involved. I don’t know where Dick got the idea that it’s easier, lol, it’s NOT.


    —> I don’t know where Dick got the idea that it’s easier
    I started using ZOOM about two years ago and had nothing but trouble with it. It would often lock up in mid-conversation.
    ZOOM has had lots of security problems. It was popular for a while in schools until porno folks learned how to crash into Zoom sessions and show improper pictures to everyone in the session. Most schools quickly abandoned Zoom although it remains popular in corporations. See for a long list of articles about the security problems with Zoom.
    I tried several other chat products and eventually settled on two of them: Google Duo and Signal. The problems went way.
    My preference is to use Signal but it only supports two users at one time. It is useless for group conversations, such as seminars, teaching, or podcasts.
    Then I found the article by Taylor Kerns in the Android Police website at: and found that he agreed with me so I decided it wasn’t just me alone.


IMHO Google Duo is not easier to use/understand/navigate. We tried to use this program for our genealogy meetings and it craashed and burned. No one liked it – so we went back to ZooM. Sorry.


We have had family get-togethers every two weeks since Covid began and use ZOOM. It has worked perfectly every time. No reason to change.


I have used Duo for one to one calls and it works fine. In reviewing the article Dick referenced it appears the web version is severely lacking. From what I read you can’t start a group call from the web only on the phone app. If I am talking to multiple people I want to use my laptop. I am sticking with Zoom. I have had no problems.


Two groups I belong to are using Zoom with no problems. It is important to use a password and for the moderator to allow people to enter it you want to avoid the security problem but otherwise it words very well!


A friend was telling us yesterday that he was on a Zoom call with his Baylor alumni friends, and during the call profanity and lewd videos were introduced into the call by God knows who. Somehow the host was able to disconnect the intruder and their call went on.


Bernard Couming, genealogist/Massachusetts August 5, 2020 at 4:19 pm

I understand that Zoom (which I’ve used successfully for various organizational meetings, can be used successfully with minor adjustments, e.g.., sound failed until various adjustments opened audio. HOWEVER… I NOW HAVE BEEN INFORMED IT IS A PRC (Peoples Republic of CHINA ) product, subject to that government’s laws re rights to access user data!!! Until disproven, I’ll not use again.


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