Write a Future E-mail

I have often wished that some of my ancestors had written a letter to their descendants. If I could go back in time, I would ask them to include stories about their lives, some of the major events of their time and, oh yes, information about their parents and grandparents.

Of course, if it was a worthwhile thought for my ancestors to write such messages, then I should do the same: write a letter for my descendants. One online site even simplifies the process.

FutureMe.org is designed to store e-mail messages and then send them at a future date that you specify. It probably is good for only a few years since you also specify the e-mail address that it is to be sent to. Who knows what the e-mail address will be for great-great-grandchildren? Or if old-fashioned e-mail will even exist in the twenty-second century?

This free service is best at sending e-mail reminders to yourself or messages to others within the next few years. I suspect it is an excellent tool for New Year’s resolutions: write them down now and tell FutureMe.org to send them to you next December 31. That can serve as a check to see if you really lived up to your resolutions.

Of course, you can also send e-mails to other people in the future.

The free service is available at http://www.FutureMe.org. While it is a free service for everyone, donations are accepted.

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