‘Kiss via Kerchief’ and Other Dating Advice from the 1918 Flu Pandemic

I am not so sure this is a good or even a satisfying solution. However, according to an article by Hannah Frishberg and published in the New York Post website:

“So that’s why they call it hanky-panky.

“Many Americans have broken quarantine to have sex, determining celibacy a worse fate than possibly contracting COVID-19. But let us learn from the history books: The 1918 Spanish flu took 675,000 lives in the US and 50 million worldwide. Back then, star-coughed lovers did their best to safely express passion.

“One tactic thought to render kissing safer was smooching through a handkerchief, or hanky.

“‘If you must kiss, kiss via kerchief,’ warned an August 17, 1919 headline published in the New York City newspaper The Sun. ‘Otherwise you may get Spanish influenza, or it will get you, Board of Health tells the amorously inclined.'”

You can find the full article, based upon old news clips provided by MyHeritage, at: https://nypost.com/2020/08/14/resurfaced-clips-from-1918-show-genius-pandemic-dating-tips/.

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