A New, Free Online Resource of 360 Million United States Court Records

I could make a rather poor joke that none of MY ancestors would be listed in court records but, of course, I would be wrong. Every family has a few people who end up on the wrong side of the law. HOWEVER, court records also list millions of victims, witnesses, law-enforcement personnel, judges, and other people as well.

360 million court cases could be a great treasure house for genealogists.

The site is https://www.judyrecords.com/ and is completely free, no credit card, no advertising, no sign ups, etc. and has over 360 million US court records that are completely free to search.

It has case types that are particularly important for genealogy research like marriage, divorces, probate/estates, name changes, and adoption records.

  • marriage – 4,369,504 cases
  • divorce – 6,979,501 cases
  • estate – 4,968,717 cases
  • probate – 5,580,719 cases
  • name change – 2,900,354 cases
  • adoption – 77,157 cases

About 10 to 15 million new court cases are being added every month.

The user interface is a bit basic, maybe best described as stark: “Just the facts ma’am, nothing but the facts.” In this case, I would say that is a good thing. No ads in your face, no begging for money. Just the data. Here is a screen shot of the home page:

See what I mean?

Try it yourself at https://www.judyrecords.com.


Great Blog!! Thanks for sharing!


This is data scraped from public websites.


How far back do the case files go?


Humphrey — You’re right. Now you can search a large collection of records as a supplement, or maybe even starting point, to search efforts. In this case, records that would otherwise be out of reach and wouldn’t justify time/effort to search, are now very accessible.


Oh, how I wish there was some way to at least limit the search to a particular state. The results I got were quite daunting in terms of numbers.


The website is so spartan it makes me a bit paranoid. Not even an “about” statement? Who is “Judy,” and why is s/he doing this?


Which states are included / excluded? What time periods are included / excluded?


Rather pathetic and useless to me. I want records in the 1700s not recent. So terrible it should be free.


If one is looking for recent documents this would be great, however it does not allow you to select time or place. For those of us looking for records from the early years this is not yet effective. It really needs the addition of search by state, and time. perhaps as it grows those features will be added.


Not much use to a genealogist. All the cases were 21st century. Many states I represented. The search function is ridiculously bare bones.


Paula Schlichting Cox August 26, 2020 at 11:24 pm

I guess I’m one of the lucky searchers on this site. Input a last name, county, & state person lived in & up came info re when will was filed. Which I did not know. Gave other info, so now I can write to county & get more info. Last name however is not very common.


    Paula Schlichting Cox August 27, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    Humphrey- (above) In my search re this site, after finding the above record (will filed for specific person) I went to state/county/records, typed in name & this specific record was NOT listed. (other docs were “titled” -one with pix of document – the other just name; both different reasons) So suggestion is to use the “judyrecords”- whomever that entity is AND always check state/county/records/name etc.


For a D/B this big a better search engine is needed. It is a heroic effort. Of course the info is got from public sites. Where else ?


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