EOGNPLUS.com Website is Offline and Here is the Plan

This week I have some bad news, some (hopefully) good news, and a plan to transition from the first to the later news.

First, the Bad News

For the past few years, I have managed two different, but closely related, web sites: EOGN.COM and EOGNPLUS.COM. These two web sites provide access to the two versions of the EOGN newsletter. The first, EOGN.COM, is the original web site for this newsletter created many years ago and it includes all sorts of articles with one exception: Plus Edition articles do not appear in EOGN.COM. Thanks to the support of a sponsor, the EOGN.COM website provides the Standard Edition newsletter that is free and available to all.

The second web site, EOGNPLUS.COM, provides access to the Plus Edition newsletter. It contains all the content offered in the Standard Edition plus two added benefits: First, it includes the Plus Edition article(s) as well. In addition, EOGNPLUS.COM has never contained any advertising. In short, it is supported solely by people who pay a subscription fee to access the site.

Recent History

The free EOGN web site has run reliably for years with almost no downtime and very few other problems. In short, it seems to work well for everyone today as it has in the past.

In contrast, the EOGNPLUS website has always been more complicated because of the added software required to accept subscription payments and then grant access to those who have subscribed. The payment and access software has always been problematic, creating numerous headaches for me to keep it running.

I don’t think the problem was caused by the different pieces of software. I believe it was caused by my method of connecting different pieces of software written by different organizations (in different countries, different languages, and different timezones) in a manner they were not designed to be used together. In short, I cobbled everything together myself and used lots of baling wire and chewing gum in the process.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a talented software developer. The proof would be obvious to any truly talented software developer who examined the code that I wrote to make all the different pieces work together.

The (Hopefully) Good News

In short, I am tired of wrestling with reliability problems.

I have decided to discard the present EOGNPLUS website, start with a clean slate, and then create a new Plus Edition web site. Perhaps the best news is that I do not plan to do this by myself. Instead, I hope to hire professional assistance to develop a more pleasing and reliable experience for my subscribers.

I am presently writing a Statement of Work document to solicit bids from software developers who will create a new, and hopefully professional, web site for the EOGNPLUS site.

A NOTE TO PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS WITH SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE IN DEVELOPING BLOGGING SOFTWARE AND SUBSCRIPTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: if you are interested in possibly developing the new EOGNPLUS product, please contact me at: https://blog.eogn.com/contact-dick-eastman/.

The Transition Plan

For the next few weeks, I anticipate the Plus Edition newsletter site at EOGNPLUS.COM will be out of commission. Any bookmarks or links to that page you may have saved will no longer work, and there will be no new articles published there. In a few weeks the newly-developed website with a new web address will hopefully replace it.

During the interim, Plus Edition articles will be published in a different web site. Plus Edition subscribers undoubtedly are already familiar with the once-a-week email messages I send to those subscribers. Starting today, those weekly email messages will contain a different link to the new Plus Edition articles, along with all the Standard Edition articles at EOGN.COM. Check your in-box (usually on Mondays but occasionally later if my travel schedule interferes).

Is this transition plan a good solution? No, but it is only temporary. While it certainly is not ideal, I do believe it will honor my commitments to deliver all versions of this newsletter. It also should provide easy access to all Plus Edition articles to those who have subscribed.

During the Transition

  1. If your Plus Edition subscription is due for renewal during this time, don’t worry about it. I will continue to send Plus Edition email messages, complete with links, to all subscribers who are paid Plus Edition subscribers as of today (31 August 2020) until the new web site is operational. Renewal messages will be sent AFTER the new web site is operational, not before.
  2. If you have any problems or questions with your access to the Plus Edition articles, please contact me at: https://blog.eogn.com/contact-dick-eastman/.

Final Comment

I am reminded of an ancient Chinese curse and threat: “May you live in interesting times.”

Yes, life is better in “uninteresting times” of peace and tranquility than it is in “interesting” ones, which are usually times of trouble. However, I hope to return to peace and tranquility at the end of this process. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience through this transition.


You have always amazed me! ….and feel like you are a ‘friend’. Thanks for all you do to attempt to teach me techniques….­čśČ Don’t give up!

:-))) *Amy E. Denecke* *Live with an attitude of gratitude…* *celebrate the seemingly small stuff.*

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 3:12 PM Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter wrote:

> Dick Eastman posted: “This week I have some bad news, some (hopefully) > good news, and a plan to transition from the first to the later news. > First, the Bad News For the past few years, I have managed two different, > but closely related, web sites: EOGN.COM and EOGNPLUS.CO” >

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I have always saved the plus articles as stand-alone files. I can’t figure out how to do so during this transition phase.


    With most web browsers, move the mouse cursor over the file’s icon and press RIGHT-CLICK on the mouse. That will pop up a new menu with several selections to choose from. One of the selectionsd is SAVE AS… Click on that.

    If your web browser is one of the few that has different commands, you will have to read the HELP file for that bowser or else find instructions online for the browser.


    I am not connecting! All I can get is a message which says, in part, “If you have a Plus Edition user ID and password, you can read the article by clicking on the link in the email message sent to all Plus Edition subscribers this week. Look in your email in-box. This article will remain online for several weeks.”
    I can, of course, extract this post by cutting it from the full “Weekly Version” message, but that is very kludgy.


    First, read the article at https://blog.eogn.com/2020/08/31/eognplus-com-website-is-offline-and-here-is-the-plan/ that explains what is going on. That article also was sent to you in last week’s Plus Edition email message.

    Next, look at last week’s Plus Edition email message that you received that contained a (new and different) link to the Plaus Edition newsletter. If you didn’t save that email message, wait until later today when this week’s Plus Edition newsletter will be sent and it will contain TWO links: one to last week’s newsletter and another link to this week’s Plus Edition newsletter.


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