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A $20 Android PC

I believe this is the wave of the future. In fact, I also believe the days of the Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop computers are numbered. Those bigger computers won’t disappear overnight but I suspect sales will dwindle within ten years. The world is moving to smaller, lightweight, handheld computers that are all connected online with storage in the cloud.

But wait, you say you don’t want a tiny screen and a make-believe keyboard that requires you to type letters on a small screen? The ultra-cheap Remix Mini PC might be just what you want. The price certainly is attractive: $20 to $40 (US), depending upon the amount of included memory and internal storage. You will also have to add a monitor of any size you wish plus a keyboard and mouse. The total cost with everything should be under $150 unless you decide to use a really large monitor. Of course, if you already have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse available, the total price will be reduced.