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Google Podcasts

Google now has its own podcast app called Google Podcasts. OK, there’s not much originality in that name but, then again, it is obvious what the app does and who produced it. If you have an Android phone, you can head over to the Play Store and obtain it right now. Google Podcasts is available free of charge.

Google Podcasts allows you to LISTEN to whatever the podcast creator(s) produces. It works on all sorts of podcasts. I assume it works not only on Android phones but also on tablet computers and other devices that use the Android operating system, although I didn’t test that. However, I downloaded it and installed it on my Android phone this morning and immediately subscribed to a half-dozen genealogy-related podcasts. That app worked well on all of them. If you don’t know what genealogy podcasts are available, Google Podcasts will help you find them. Once you install the app, open it, click on the magnifying glass icon (that means “search”), and enter: genealogy

Is It Time to Try a Newsreader?

Your paperboy just got smarter. This article will tell you how to easily read more information on the Internet in a shorter period of time. In short, you can use much of the Internet without all the clutter.

I used to spend 2 or 3 hours per day visiting specific web sites over and over in an attempt to find new information. I regularly visited looking for news, looking for the latest weather forecast for my home town, various stock market web sites, and, of course, genealogy sites looking for information about a variety of topics. The old method meant visiting each and every web site, one at a time, then waiting for the page to appear on my screen, then looking at menus to find the new information, waiting again for the new pages to appear, and so on. It was a tedious way to search for new information.

Today I can accomplish the same thing within a very few minutes instead of spending hours searching for elusive information. Today I “subscribe” to,, and several hundred other web sites. New information automatically appears on my computer’s screen whenever I want; I no longer have to open a web browser to visit dozens of web sites in search of new information. I only see new information. Older information that has already appeared on my screen earlier is not displayed to me a second time. Most of the advertisements are also not displayed although a few do manage to appear. The result is in the a form of a “custom newspaper” designed for me, containing new information about topics of interest to me.

Genealogy Guys Welcome New Sponsor Legacy Tree Genealogists

The following announcement was written by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith:

Aha! Seminars, Inc., welcomes Legacy Tree Genealogists as a new sponsor of The Genealogy Guys Podcast and the Genealogy Connection podcast, effective immediately.

“We are very excited to welcome Legacy Tree Genealogists as a sponsor of both of our podcasts,” says George G. Morgan, president of Aha! Seminars, Inc. “They bring their outstanding proficiencies and value in professional client research to our global audience.”

Announcing New Social Media Channels for the Britain, Ireland & the Isles Chapter of the APG

The Association of Professional Genealogists has a few hundred members scattered across England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isles. New social media channels have been created to bringing the chapter together online. The creators of the social media channels plan to use the channels to circulate webinars and podcasts localised to the region.

The first podcast is posted on YouTube and on Facebook. It is a moderated discussion between Chris Paton [The Genes Blog/ @BritishGenes] and Lorna Moloney [Clans & Surnames @merrimanresearch].

Listen to “Twice Removed,” a Family History Podcast hosted by A.J. Jacobs

A.J. Jacobs is a well-known author who has been mentioned before numerous times in this newsletter. See for the past articles about him. He was the host of the world’s largest family reunion, the bestselling author of “The Year of Living Biblically,” in which he attempted to follow the literal words of the Bible for a year, and “Drop Dead Healthy,” where he tried out every diet plan and workout. Now he has a new venture and it looks like and sounds like a good one.

twice-removed“Twice Removed” is a podcast that is described as sort of like “Finding Your Roots” with a mystery twist. In each episode, A.J. Jacobs takes a well-known figure and tells each about their most interesting ancestors and relatives. And at the end, he reveals how each guest is related to a mystery guest, and then introduces them live in the studio. (It could be a hero of theirs, an old boss, a mentor, etc.)

I listened to the first episode and was delighted to learn that Jacobs found criminals amongst the guest’s ancestors. Not small-time crooks, but true Chicago gangsters.

Sir Tony Robinson Tells Stories from the Past in New Podcast Series “It’s About Time”

The following announcement was written by the folks at

New history podcast from Ancestry launches with three compelling episodes

  • Sir Tony Robinson brings stories from the past to life in the present
  • Tales include a sordid murder in Victorian England, immigration to America through a Charlie Chaplin classic and the split of famous suffragette sisters the Pankhursts
  • Podcast brought to you by Ancestry, available on iTunes and Stitcher now

New podcast series It’s About Time has launched online today (Wednesday 7th September), featuring narrator Sir Tony Robinson bringing stories from the past to life in the present.


It’s About Time is produced by Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, and the first three episodes are available to listen to and download for free through iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Aha! Seminars, Inc., Announces New Podcast

The following announcement was written by Aha! Seminars, Inc.:

“Genealogy Connection” Joins “The Genealogy GuysSM Podcast”

drewsmithTAMPA, FL, 20 June 2016 – Aha! Seminars, Inc., provider of training, consulting, and
production of podcasts for the library and genealogical community, announces today
that it is launching a new genealogy podcast titled Genealogy Connection, sponsored
by Findmypast.

Genealogy Connection will present interviews with genealogical speakers, authors,
librarians and archivists, database service providers, software and technology
developers, and other leaders in the community. Each episode will be approximately
one hour in length, hosted by noted genealogical speaker, author, and podcaster Drew
Smith. The first episode of the new podcast will debut the week of 27 June 2016.

Eneclann is Now Called the Irish Family History Centre

The Irish genealogy service always known as Eneclann is changing it’s name. It is being re-branded to the Irish Family History Centre. The company’s physical visitor centre is part of EPIC Ireland.

In an email message to me, Laura Carroll wrote, “…for those coming over to Ireland to research their Irish roots or for those who wont get a chance to come over to sign up to our new online experience, feel free to join yourself and give it a go.”

Then following is the official announcement from the Irish Family History Centre:


The Irish Family History Centre


We now have a new website for you to enjoy

Our new website has been created to give our existing and new customer the chance to be part of a vibrant genealogy community where they can store research, ask for expert advice, chat to other members of the community and so much more,

This brand new website is the go to place for Irish Genealogy online, it will allow you to sign up to a whole new customer experience and one which we hope will help you with your own journey.

You can join for free or why not become a pro member and unlock the following:

Announcing Avotaynu Online!

A new web site appeared online this afternoon. It is a significant new undertaking by Avotaynu Inc. Best of all, it includes all articles from 2007 through 2011 published in AVOTAYNU, the International Review of Jewish Genealogy. The following announcement was written by the folks at Avotaynu Inc.:

Avotaynu Inc is pleased to announce the creation of “Avotaynu Online,” an exciting new venture intended to stimulate collaboration among Jewish genealogists in all its forms. Leading participants in the various areas of genealogical research will provide in-depth articles on events and discoveries on a regular basis.

Avotaynu Online will be available free of charge from the venture’s website at, which will be shared simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. Reports will be delivered in different formats, including text, video, and podcasts.

Extreme Genes Family History Radio’s Roots Tech Wrap-up: Where is Family History Going Now?

Fisher is the primary person behind Extreme Genes Family History Radio. His popular podcast has thousands of listeners all over the world. The latest episode features interviews with myself and with Mark Donnelly.

I talked about recent experiences at the combined RootsTech and FGS conferences with about 22,500 attendees.

Mark recently broke through a genealogy “brick wall” about a man who changed his name in the 1890s and his descendants had no clue as to his true name. Mark used DNA to find the man’s true name. That sounds impossible but listen to the Extreme Genes podcast to learn how Mark did just that.

Introducing ‘Houstories’ Podcast

Houstory is a family owned business managed by a couple of brothers. Mike and Dan believe the things we care about have stories — whether they are houses or cherished belongings. Houstory has developed two products — The Heirloom Registry™ and the Home History Book™ archival journal — that help to protect and share those stories, providing lasting, accessible ways to make sure the stories and records of the things we care about are preserved and easily found by future generations.

Houstory has now introduced the first of what is planned to be many podcasts.The first effort is described as:

Genealogy Gems Launches Free Genealogy Book Club

The following announcement was written by Lisa Louise Cooke:

October 21, 2014

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems is pleased to announce the launch of the FREE Genealogy Gems Book Club, which features great reads for genealogy lovers.

“This is an idea we’ve been percolating on for quite a while,” says Gems owner-producer Lisa Louise Cooke. “People are always sending me the names of books they love. I also hear from publishers and the authors themselves. We thought it would be great to share these books more widely.”

Announcing “How-To DNA” – A Multimedia How-To Guide for Genetic Genealogy

Blaine Bettinger is a genealogist and a DNA expert with a Ph.D. in biochemistry with a concentration in genetics. He is a frequent author and lecturer with a focus on DNA. He has now announced the creation of a new online how-to guide for genetic genealogy. The site will include short instructional how-to videos for beginners, as well as presentations and webcasts for the advanced genealogist.