AOL Email Problem

In 19 years, the EOGN newsletter has never, ever been sent as a ZIP file. However, many AOL members receive it as a ZIP file simply because AOL converts it to a ZIP.

I sometimes receive reports from AOL members saying they cannot read the Plus Edition newsletters they receive in AOL’s email system. The problem only happens to AOL members. Apparently, AOL’s email software has problems displaying long email messages. The problem happens on all long email messages, not just the ones I send.

When AOL receives a long email message, it shows a message of “[The message and any attached files have been turned into a ZIP attachment. Once downloaded and unzipped, open it with a word processor or text editor for reading.]”

All AOL members have that problem unless they change the default settings in their AOL account as described on AOL’s web site at

Other AOL members have told me that AOL’s default setting is to always convert long email messages to a compressed ZIP file. I don’t know why. AOL is the only email service that does that. The only people who ever receive ZIP’ed files are AOL members.

I am told you need to change your email settings in AOL. Instructions may be found at

If you follow the instructions at AOL will display normal email messages automatically.

There is a second method also:

Don’t forget that you can ALWAYS read this week’s Plus Edition newsletter at ANY TIME is to open a web browser and go to as that always works, regardless of what AOL does to your in-box. Since the copy on the web does not go through AOL’s email system, it isn’t subject to AOL’s email quirky software.

Last week’s Plus Edition newsletter is always available online at

The two-week-old Plus Edition newsletter is always available online at

Thank you.

Dick Eastman

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