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(+) What is the Cloud and Why Should I Care? – Part 1

The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 

cloud-computingThe newest technology in computers these days is called “cloud computing.” However, the buzzword is so new that many experienced computer users do not yet understand the term. In fact, “the cloud” can be different things to different people. I thought I would write a three-part article: the first part explains what the cloud is, and the second part will describe using the cloud for genealogy purposes. The third part will address some of the frequently-asked questions (FAQs) concerning the use of cloud computing.

In recent weeks, had outages with its RootsWeb/USGenWeb/WorldConnect web pages. Some users have declared, “So much for the cloud and trusting others with your data.” However, that statement shows a lack of familiarity with cloud computing. While Ancestry uses industrial grade computers as servers to deliver information on the World Wide Web, they obviously are not using cloud computing methods for the affected services that suffered weeks of outage.


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