Comments from Plus Edition Subscribers

Here are a few comments received from Plus Edition newsletter readers:

“Thanks for the heads up. Worth (to me at least) the subscription price of the Plus Edition. Of course I could say that about several of your articles each year. It’s the best value on the Internet.”

“This is definitely the best post I’ve read on the topic of software and the research process.”

“This article is one of the reasons I am a plus subscriber. It has described a complex web activity but broken it down into understandable ‘bytes.’ Forgive the pun…”

“Once again, I was reminded why I’m often hesitant to open your newsletter. This time I didn’t get through the first article before I had to go pull out many of the CD’s I’d made of music and photos. Now, some 90 minutes later, I’m playing some of the old music and needing to check to see if I have all the photos on my Google Photo account.

“Now, to get back to the newsletter which often makes me feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose as there’s so much useful information.

“I could live with a monthly newsletter, but then I’d be needing to set aside a day or more to follow all the rabbit trails you send me on.

“Thanks anyway!!!”

“Because of your article, I was able to punch through a brick wall on behalf of a friend! Thank you! I found a will that definitively proved that my theory was correct.”

“One of your most useful articles Dick. Lots of great information for all of us. Thank you.”

“I had no idea that all these resources existed. Can’t thank you enough for all your technical articles along with your genealogical expertise. Keep up the good, no, make that GREAT work!”

“Then I remembered your article. I downloaded the app and within minutes I was able to quickly scan all 37 handwritten pages into a pdf document with all of the text intact. I sent the file on my file sharing service to interested relatives. Problem solved! Thanks for the tip.”

“Your newsletter has been a role model in my journey to publish my research on cemeteries as they relate to genealogy. I was originally planned on traditional paper and ink, but realized that this new fangled electronic media is faster, cheaper, and efficient. So taking your lead, I went with a blog centered website. After only one month, it has been wildly successful. I simply want to share years of research. So for you acting as my primary role model, I thank you!”

“I didn’t sign up for the paid edition until a couple of years ago when there was an article in the plus edition that I had to read. I should have done it years ago. It’s a bargain and no trees are killed. I raise my glass to you and hope there are years of articles left for you to share.”

“Your article on the Future of Genealogy Software was excellent!!!”

“Great article, I wish I’d had this information sooner!”

“Great article Dick. Very informative for people like me who are not too computer savvy.”

“I have learned more from your newsletter about genealogy than most of the other journals combined that I have taken. An added perk, for me, is all the hardware, software, etc. info you share. I started out as a person with minimal computer skills beyond calling the “IT” guy when I had problems at work. I look forward to reading your EOGN compilations every week and always find something new and challenging.”

“I want to thank you personally for your articles on Chromebooks. … My daughter and I both have Apple computers. Hers went belly up recently. She is unable to pull together the monies to buy a new computer. After having read your articles I recommended and helped her select a Chromebook, which she loves. “

“Wow lots of great information. Thanks for sharing so much. Lots to action here.”

“Articles like this one–though not full-blown–are exactly why I love your newsletter. Sure, I expect–and receive–genealogy and family history information. But the little tidbits you send on related things are the icing on the cake to we family historians who all love to have something to help us. THANKS!”

“You are very similar to Reader’s Digest in the genealogy and other interesting items way that you give us info and links to find out more.”

“Thank you for including an occasional ‘non-genealogy’ article — I subscribe as much for these as for the genealogy specific. You have a talent for making complex things seem easy.”

“From the old days of the CompuServe Genealogy Forum to the present I have always learned new computer tricks from reading your articles. Thank you.”

“Thanks for letting us know about this, I would never have switched were it not for your article.  The savings will pay for my subscription to your newsletter many times over.”

“You keep outdoing yourself, Dick! This is one of the best computer articles you have ever written! In fact, it is better that most articles found on the best computing advice websites.”

“I’ve been late in thanking you for telling me about the TNG program and the HP Stream 7. I built my tree using TNG…”

“Dick, I think I joined your newsletter in 1998. Forget Google Alerts, Mocavo or any others that may help to find genealogy items, your newsletter encompasses everything a genealogist may want to know about,and many things unrelated to genealogy we were glad you wrote about, too.

“This one post pays for years of subscription to EOGN.”

“Thanks for an article about something so very important but I bet not many of us have thought about. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to do with my online accounts, etc.! Everyone needs to be aware of this so it is up to those of us who are aware to spread the word. I am a new subscriber to your news letter and this article makes me really glad I did. Thanks again.”

“What a great article for those of us who have documents and photos that have not be stored properly. I will be one of the first to run out an gather the appropriate tools to try this out.”

“I think of you as the Swiss Army Knife of Genealogy.”

“I always find your articles interesting and useful, for technology as well as genealogy – thank you for pointing out this particular bargain.”

“You truly are a gem! Thanks for all your hard work and Happy Anniversary!”

“Best $20 I have spent this year! I enjoy your posts every day; I’m just sorry I can’t travel as you do to all the conferences.”

“I was so impressed that I subscribed to the Plus version several weeks ago. I really look forward to it every week. It contains so much good/ interesting information and links to other data. I constantly toggle between the news letter and the linked web sites. Eastman sure has a broad  knowledge and useage of so much of the electronic and internet fields. Unfortunately, I get so sidetracked by the content and links, that I neglect or forget what I should be working on. Senior moments I guess?”

“Wow.  Although I often marvel at your ability to research and report, this piece exceeds in every category.  This is some remarkably important information that very few people know about, that is very important and I’m delighted that I now know.”

“As always, a clear and easily understood article. Please keep up the good work.  The combination of genealogy articles and computer talk is well balanced and the major reason I continue to read every newsletter and subscribe to the plus edition.”

“Thank you for this great post. Tonight I tracked the family of Ole A. Brown for 15 years using the directories from 1873 to 1888. They are one of my brick walls back to Norway.Your newsletter is always a must read every day.”

“Once we had the approval to start this project, we contacted Dick Eastman and asked for him to place a notice in his genealogy newsletter, which he was gracious enough to do. As a result we now have 53 volunteers (and counting) who are going to be assisting in this project. This is the largest group of volunteers we have had on any such project in the country. We really believe the publicity Dick provided was instrumental in providing additional volunteers.”

“You must know that you are unique in the genealogical field. Your credentials for computer use, futuristic thinking and eagerness to bring the rest of us along for a great ride, and clearity of expression and emphasis on documentation are a wonderful combination for all of us to be exposed to. May you never retire!”

“Thanks for the great article.  I’ve looked at Mocavo before, but your article provoked me to try again.  I was rewarded with details on one of my family lines back to 1600 Germany … I’ve been working on that line for years, so this was a treasure trove of information to me! In these days of belt-tightening I am constantly revisiting my expenditures, and just when I think it’s time not to renew EOGN, I find something like this that makes my investment worthwhile.”

“I upgraded to the pay-for-plus option today.Thanks- this is a terrific publication. Good for you! (And for us).”

“You remind me of the Lone Ranger, “thundering hooves, and all that”. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work! I love your writing!”

“Fascinating! One of the things I really like about EOGN is the incidental technology discoveries. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to receive your newsletters. I have learned a lot from all of your postings. Your information has really helped me in my research into my family’s past. Keep up the great work you do! Thank you again!”

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your kind words about the new genealogy section on our web site.  We have received over 3,000 referrals to the site from and it has opened many doors for us.  We’ve heard from the Federation of Genealogical Societies and several bloggers based on your write up.”

“All the best from Israel.”

“Thanks once again for providing excellent reviews like this!  This is the main reason I am a Plus subscriber.”

“I have enjoyed every Eastman’s newsletter I have ever received, and have been grateful for the lifeline to the world of genealogy at a time when my own life has changed and my research time has diminished. Your information is always pertinent, highly useable, and so well-written. I will continue to be happy to read your newsletter, whenever it arrives, on whatever schedule works for your life. Thanks for your long dedication, and for gathering and disseminating such important information to our work. I also want to comment about how intelligent and articulate your newsletter members always are.

“I love reading your newsletter. I am especially interested in genealogy cruises, so I love that section.”

“Hi Dick, you really hit the economic nail on the head and gave a wonderful explanation. I admire you for that. I have been a faithful reader of your newsletter from almost the beginning and I will continue, you can count me in.”

“Thank you for the info on this subject. What I love about your news is that it’s not always genealogy, but it’s ALWAYS relevant to our lives. Thanks Again!”

“Dear Mr. Eastman; Thank you very much for all the free tips you give about genealogy to beginners like me. I thoroughly enjoy your articles! So many people on the internet are tring to get rich quick it seems and you are so generous with your knowledge; I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your help!”

“I take the Plus Edition for the MAIN purpose of hearing about new technology as it relates to genealogy or other very small business use. I can’t wait to hear about the latest invention which might make my work/hobby better and easier. Thanks, Dick!”

“But the wonder of it all is that I now have the name and location of a living cousin who reported the fate of her grandparents, and her I can find! Thank you, Dick, for helping me hit the ‘Easy Button!'”

“This is the kind of article that makes my husband brag about your newsletters to our tech savvy kids.  I have learned so much more about technology and genealogy from your newsletters than any other newsletter that I get.  Keep up the great work.”

“Thanks, Dick. I’ve now bought and installed [the VPN product you described] and it works great! I had a queasy feeling last week in hotels with free but unencrypted wireless access and this is just what I need to sleep a little better not wondering if someone has stolen one of my passwords or the like. Thanks for all your pioneering work and great advice!”

“Thank you so much for your informative articles. My subscription to your Plus articles were definitely well-spent dollars!”

“The beauty of this newsletter is it’s synergy of genealogy and modern data handling information.  Genealogy creates data issues, and fortunately for us, Dick is here to be part of the solution!”

“Dick: For many years I have read your column and I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for the genealogical community. You are a valuable asset and I appreciate your knowledge and expertise, you community service, your time, and your effort.”

“Great article whatever level of experience with searching…”

“I just renewed my annual subscription. Just a day or so ago, you gave us the tip on an online service. That was worth the annual subscription. Thank you for being one of the few businesses that provide service at a good value!”

“Hi! I am so grateful for your straightforward, laymans terms and simplicity in both technology and genealogy. I will usually purchase the items you favor because, thankfully, you are willing to do the research and share your results quickly and clearly. I have not been disappointed once. What I see so far is very impressive and already worth the fee. Thank you for your commitment to assisting us better understand these two complicated and interesting subjects, and to the readers who leave their helpful comments.”

“Dick, I just want to send along a thank you for all of your great work in compiling the newsletter. You have jump started my genealogy interest and perhaps this time I will get into it with more information and resources than have been available to me in my past efforts.”

“Fantastic article. This one article is worth the whole subscription price. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent newsletter.  I consider my few piddly pennies spent to upgrade to the Plus Edition as the best money I’ve ever spent for my genealogy hobby!  Not one edition goes by that I don’t find valuable information to clip and save!  Yours is the best newsletter for genealogy I’ve ever come across, and I will be extremely disappointed if it doesn’t continue for many years to come!  You have the ability to explain complicated issues in language anyone can understand!”

“This article is worth the $20 I spent to get the Plus Edition of your newsletter.”

“Please keep up the fantastic work!  It is greatly appreciated!”

“This was a terrific article and I also loved the comments.”

“Remarkable.  That’s twice in one week, Mr. Eastman, that you’ve pointed me to images of original records pertaining to ancestors of mine.  This time, not only one but four!  Now I’m too excited to go to sleep.”

“You saved me a trip to Detroit and/or a fee for a collateral relative I was seeking.”

“Dick, THANKS, can’t believe this. Out of time today to search but found some relatives didn’t know what happened to them and anxious to get back to this site.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU sooooooooooooo VERY MUCH!”

“Just had to say I am really enjoying the Plus Edition of your newsletter. It is just great. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.” – (name withheld), Melbourne, Australia

“I would just like to say “thanks” for all the information that you provide through your newsletter. You are appreciated.”

“Thanks for your advice on this and a multitude of other genealogical and computer issues.”

“Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the various subjects you carry in your newsletter. It keeps all of us informed.”

“Thanks to your article I was able to make this connection and learn more about my family history.”

“Thanks, Dick, for a fascinating synthesis. You are a talented writer. I’ve heard it said that Lloyd Bockstruck could enthrall an audience as he read the phone book aloud; and you are as talented a writer as he is a speaker. “

“I have subscribed to your newsletter since the early 1990s and have been looking for my maternal grandparents all this time. Bingo! Thanks to your article, I found them in the 1901 Irish census and also then I found them in 1911.”

“Thanks for that article, Dick. You saved my life (and genealogy and Quickbooks records) on that one.”

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