How to Find Past Newsletter Articles

To search past articles published in either the Plus Edition or Standard Edition of this newsletter, look at the menus along the right side of this page and on most every other page on

Scroll down to the section titled “Search Past Newsletter Articles.”  NOTE: It is way down the page. Way, way down.

You either search past articles by entering the search terms into the box labeled “Search…” or, if you know the month in which the article was published, click on “Archives” and select the month in the pulldown menu.

Here is an image of the search boxes:


Hi, I cannot edit in Search Past Newsletter Articles entry box Search….
could this be a browser thing? I am using Opera 30.0, failed also on IE


    Lots of other people use that every day, including myself. That’s how I find past articles when someone asks a question. Try a different browser. Also, do you have any “add-ons” or apps in your browser, especially any that are designed to block things, such as Flash or Java or anything like that? Those add-ons are very popular but, of course, every one of those will break some things.


I can’t enter anything in search either. Using Chrome, is that a problem?


    i normally use Chrome, occasionally use Firefox, and once in a while use the Safari web browser. I often use macintosh, iPad, and iPhone browsers and, once in a while, Windows. All work in exactly the same way on this web site. I use the search box frequently, mostly when a reader asks a question about a past article. I have never seen a problem with the search box in any web browser.


    Hi Betty, I found a Bremen-Baltimore partial passenger list that you transcribed and have a question. Might we exchange email addresses? Thanks! Rick Brandon in Michigan.

    Hopefull if you reply back, this blog will notify me.


I was having the same problem until I realized the above “search box” is really just part of a tutorial. To find the actual search box, scroll down, way, way down as Dick says and use that box, NOT the one on the screen above these comments.


Everett Stonebraker January 16, 2016 at 7:52 pm

I use Chrome and the Search box does not appear in the right sidebar on the Plus Edition of the newsletter. The Search box IS in the right sidebar on the normal edition of the newsletter and on this webpage. And on the Plus Edition, the text fonts in the right sidebar are different than the text fonts in the right sidebar of the “normal” newsletter. It appears the formatting and contents of the sidebar in the Plus Edition are slightly different than in the “normal” edition. Does this make sense?


    There is no search box in the Plus Edition simply because the search engines cannot get past the user ID and password requirement. Since the search engines cannot see the articles in the Plus Edition, they also cannot index them.


Everett Stonebraker January 16, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Thank you. That makes sense.


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